April 17-26, 2020
St. Pete City Theatre​

Start With The Truth...

Jack Handsome knows how to get the paper to print his fabricated headlines, but can he win the heart of Flora Day, the editor's skeptical daughter?

Based on the true story of the first publicity director for an American town, Sunshine City The Musical follows Jack Handsome as he conjures up publicity stunts to lure tourists to St. Pete!  With the help of Hey Kid, Chaos the Dog, and even Ponce DeLeon, Jack learns that real treasure is not always where you think it is and that sunshine is a state of mind.

Add A Bit of Fairy Tale!

“Help! Sea Vamps Capture St. Pete’s Bachelor Mayor”

Actual headline in Racine Journal News, March 7, 1922

One of several true publicity stunts recreated in Sunshine City, The Musical involves an elaborate scheme with “outraged” citizens in this song from our 2015 reading at the Palladium, sung by Jan Neuberger, Becca McCoy and Melissa Misener.

“Wives Ask Mayor to Shield Their Husbands from Wiles of Sea Vamps.”   
Fort Wayne Journal
. Feb. 9, 1922.

That's the Recipe for

Tom Sivak


April 17-26, 2020
St. Petersburg City Theatre