Who came up with the nickname, “Sunshine City?”

Lew B Brown coined the name around 1920 and used it to promote the city. Mr. Brown was also Editor of the local newspaper, the Evening Independent. He also offered a free newspaper any day that the sun didn’t shine, which occurred less than 5 times a year, during the 57 years that the Evening

Independent was published in St. Pete.

Who buried the Treasure on Treasure Island?

Several property owners attempted to boost sales of properties being developed on the island by first burying and pretending to discover a couple of wooden chests on the beach around 1915. Although this actually happened on an island called St Pete Beach, the island to the north is known as Treasure Island, to this day.

Who discovered the Fountain of Youth in St Pete?

Edwin Tomlinson owned property which contained a sulfuric artesian well. Calling it the Fountain of Youth and testifying to its restorative powers brought tourists from far and wide.

When and where was the first World Championship of Shuffleboard?

What’s the back story of the Swimsuit Inspection? Was there an SPLUC?

People selling swamps to unsuspecting buyers?
Who were the Tin Can Tourists?

Did tourists get their pictures taken w/fake fish and a backdrop?

Was there a St Petersburg Alligator Farm?

Is there a St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club?
Yes, founded in 1922, its first season had 426 people registered as members.

By 1929, there were 2,588 members. The first shuffleboard tournament in the world was held here in 1925. Called the All-States Festival of the States

Tournament, it was won by Myrtilla Crities and Alex Wilson, whose names

were inscribed on a silver cup. In 1932, the newly created National

Shuffleboard Association held its first national tournament at the club. It is,

to this day, the largest shuffleboard court in the world.